Deprecation of Google’s Invoice Submission Portal and Invoice Search Tool (“GIST”)

Action is required if you currently use Google’s Invoice Submission Portal and Invoice Search Tool (“GIST”). GIST will be restricted starting February 15th and fully retired in May 2021 as part of Alphabet/Google’s system transition to SAP. Suppliers will be required to submit all PO-based invoices through the SAP Ariba Network according to the timeline shared below.

What is the GIST deprecation timeline?

GIST will be fully deprecated in May 2021, as part of Alphabet/Google’s system transition to SAP. Leading up to this date, the tool will also be restricted in regional waves:

GIST Restriction Timeline

(GIST will be fully retired in May 2021)

All POs billing to Alphabet/Google entities based in... Must be invoiced through SAP Ariba beginning on:
...US and Canada February 15, 2021
...countries in the EMEA and APAC regions March 15, 2021
...countries in the LATAM region Continue to submit invoices as directed on your PO

Why is GIST being deprecated?

GIST is a legacy invoicing tool that will cease to function in May 2021 as a result of Alphabet/Google’s transition to SAP, the new back-end Finance system. In preparation, Alphabet/Google rolled out a new source-to-pay tool, SAP Ariba, in regional waves throughout 2019 and 2020. SAP Ariba allows suppliers to centrally manage their procurement activities, such as enrollment/account updates, PO receipt and invoice submission.

What do suppliers need to do next?

If you are not yet using the SAP Ariba Network to transact...

  1. Register an SAP Ariba Network account to receive purchase orders and submit invoices back to Alphabet/Google (instructions here)
  2. Submit your invoice via the SAP Ariba Network (instructions here)

How should suppliers invoice now?

All suppliers are expected to submit invoices through the Ariba Network unless they are restricted by country limitations (please see invoicing requirements by country here). In order to submit through the Ariba Network, please follow the steps outlined here.

What help resources are available to support suppliers through this transition?

  • THIS site - the Google Supplier Help Center
    A one-stop-shop site for supplier guidance and support on doing business with Alphabet/Google
  • Supplier 2021 Readiness Checklist
    A summary of all the steps suppliers should complete to continue transacting (receiving POs and submitting invoices) over SAP Ariba

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